Monday, 13 December 2010


We arrived back in Udaipur and just chilled out, the hotel's rooftop restaurant is really good and has free Internet so we stayed in.  The next day we had a cooking lesson.  We were kind of expecting there to be a group of us in a kitchen but when we got there the guy showed us around his house then into his bedroom were we sat on the floor around a portable gas cooker.  Strange set up but it was really good, he was an excellent teacher and the food was amazing.  We got to eat loads and have all the recipes to try ourselves.  Chris has been inspired and has started another blog..  You should all try making the gulab juman's.  They show movie's in the hotel restaurant so we stayed in and watched The beach. 

The following morning we went to the City Palace, we walked around for a couple of hours with an audio guide some parts were quite interesting but we've seen enough palace's, fort's and temples's to last a life time.  After a stroll around Udaipur we went back to the hotel rooftop to watch Octopussy, much to the annoyance of the men who work there, who are forced to watch that film nearly every day.  There's really not much else to do in Udaipur so we making the most of the free Internet and good food and spending a lot of time at the hotel, in fact Chris didn't leave the building at all the next day and I only left once to get cake. Spent most the day on the roof, met a girl from Wallasey- its a small world.

The next day we did go out for the day, walked round the other side of the lake then had a wonder round the shops, bought some small pans and few bits to cook with as we're hoping to try out our new recipes when we're in Goa.  Our cooking teacher also recommended a good thalis restaurant so we went there for tea, it was probably the best meal we've had in India. Thalis is a traditional meal made up of lots of different dishes and this place was all you can eat so as soon as you finish one thing its filled straight back up. We've got one more day here to chill then we got a days travel to Mumbai.  Will update again when we get to Goa.  Miss you all xx

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  1. It all looks and souns absolutely fabulous and exciting. I bet the food tastes nothing like the 'indian' curry we serve up out of a jar haha!! I bet yr not missing all our cold weather either. Lets know when you arrived in Goa x