Thursday, 30 December 2010

Mumbai to Goa


Well our plans changed slightly since our last post, we had planned to spend a few days in Ahmedabad on our way to Mumbai but after asking a few people what Ahmedabad was like we decided to swerve it because it is another hot, noisy, busy city. So that meant we had a few more days to kill in Udaipur, doing nothing is something that Tracey and myself excel at and we did it in style. We would get up after a bit of a lie in and have breakfast then spend the day chilling out on our rooftop in the sun and then have dinner. Udaipur is like a european city with curry, oh and I only found out on the last day that I could get special lasse's from our restaraunt. Very special! One's enough.

So it was going to be a long trip to Mumbai and although we had cancelled our train to Ahmedabad we kept our one from there to mumbai. Our journey from Udaipur to Ahmedabad was a 7hr bus journey, which in all honesty was probably the most luxurious journey we have had so far. Our bus was quite clean and we managed to get in a sleeper cabin which was really comfy. When we arrived in Ahmedabad we knew that we had made the right decision about not spending a few days there, it looked like hell. We had a couple of hours to spare before our train to mumbai so we went for some dinner in a restaraunt near the train station. Our train was scheduled to depart at 10:35pm and it did bang on time so we got settled and had a few hours sleep. We arrived in Mumbai at 5:30am the next morning, only to find that it wasn't actually Mumbai, we still had about 30km to travel to the centre.  So we let a taxi driver rip us off and eventually made it to the city 30 mins later. Now we had to find somewhere to sleep for the next two nights. Mumbai is expensive and accomodation is by far the most expensive thing in Mumbai. So we had decided to get a basic room as we would soon be living it up on the beaches of Goa. Luckally we managed to find a room for RS600, however that was all it was, a room, there was a toilet and shower but these where just down the hall. On our first day in Mumbai we walked around the city and went to the beach, not a very nice beach mind. And on our way back to the hotel we bumped into a guy who convinced us to become extras in a Bollywood film. So with our last day to kill in a city with nothing to do we decided it was a great experiance to have, I mean how many people do you know who can say they have been in a Bollywood film?

The next morning we were up at 7am and on a coach to the set for 8am. We were promised food and drinks all day and pay, although the pay was only about £7.50 each but after all it was all about the experiance.  It surely was an experiance, a very long boring one, so after 13hrs of standing around and pretending to be walking around an airport we had finished and decided to splash out and spend our wages for the day on a drinking sesh with some fellow extras. What a mistake! Keeping in mind we had to be on a train at 6:00am the following morning we decided to stay out till 2:30am and get completely smashed on super strong beer. Not one of our best ideas but we did have a laugh.


When we woke up the next morning we knew it was going to be a bad journey, I personally had a day that I will never forget. Not only was I still completely pissed I had one of the worse headaches I've ever and I mean ever experianced. We got on our train and left for Goa. We both spent the day in our sleeper bunks in 35 deg. heat with no AC oh and I spent a while with my head over a squatter throwing my guts up, was lovely. After 11hrs of utter hell we arrived in Goa.  We had booked a two week stay in Calengutte at a hotel called The Castle House Hotel but on arrival we were told that they had double booked our room and had no room till the next day. So slightly pissed off we eventually found another hotel to spend the night. We decided that we didn't want to stay in our original hotel anymore and rented a scooter to expolre other hotels around the area. After looking around a few places we managed to find a lovely room in Anjuna and moved our stuff the following day. Well thats were we are now, the only thing is it's a little too warm during the day but I'm sure we'll get used to it over the next few weeks. Hope your all good back there? And we hope you all enjoy Christmas, miss you x

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