Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mt Abu

Mt Abu

We left our hotel in Udaipur at 7am and arrived at the bus station with plenty of time to spare. So after some street breakfast and chai (spicey rice and choppeded onions with bombay mix topping) our bus finally arrived. The journey was good and after leaving the city we started into the countryside/desert. We made it to the foot of Mt Abu around 12:30pm and then started the half hour drive to the Hill station of Mt Abu. Originally it had been created as a summer retreat for the rich governers of India but it was now a sort of Indian centerparks. The views were amazing and it was really scenic with date trees and lush green plants, oh and cows that eat grass(not shit).  

We found a nice little guest house with a basic room and private bathroom for a nice cheap price and decided that this was fine. The guest house was owned by a retired Dr and his wife "Auntie" she could speak very little English but made both of us feel very welcome. Her nefew (andy) was also there when we arrived and invited us to his friends house that evening for a drink and some food around a fire. The rest of the day we spent wandering around the town which seemed very different to the other places we had visited, there was a lot of tourist but they were all Indian. Which meant food was very different and meat was a no go yet again, most places didn't even have eggs, but we survived. The town was quiet and the surrounding mountains were really amazing. It was very warm during the day with basically no clouds but as soon as it came to evening time the tempreatur plummited and it was pretty cold, not as bad as what your experiancing back home though.

We met Andy at 7:30pm at our guest house and walked to his friends house, which was only a short walk up the lane. We had a great night sitting round the bonfire drinking super strength beer and chatting, two of his frinds were preparing some food, more to the point it was mutton curry that tasted amazing. We left about 11:30pm and went back to our room for a good nights sleep.

The next day we got up early had breakfast and walked the 3.5km to the nearby temples. These were the Dilwara Temples, apparently they are some of the oldest in all of India, made from marble and they contain some of the most detailed carvings I have ever seen. They were pretty impressive, unfortunatly photography was not allowed so the photo's I have posted are from the net. After looking around the temples we walked back into the town to meet Andy who we had arranged to go on a Trek with. We went for a lovely walk in the surrounding mountains, which we both found pretty knackering, we didn't manage to see any bears or leopards but spotted some signs that they had been there the previous night. For the bears it was big dug out holes or destroyed plants were they had been feeding on insects and for the leopards it was poo. We also met a hermit, a man who has given his life to god and live in the mountains. We found a great spot at the to of the mountain to watch the sunset and walked back to our guest house in the pitch black I'm just glad we had decided to go with Andy because I think that we would have surly got lost without him.

That evening we just chilled out after what was a long day. Tracey wasn't feeling to good as she had got a bit of sunstroke  and was pretty sick for the next day too. We spent our last day recovering from the previous day and just basically chilled out and had a very early night, 7pm in bed, it was like being back home, except the bed was rock hard.

Well the next morning we were up early and walked to the bus station for our journey back to Udaipur, after 4 hours we were back in our lovely hotel near the lake. I'll be posting about Udaipur later on this week so keep checking our blog, hope everyone is ok back home, miss you all


  1. We love the photos - keep them coming! Looks and sounds like you are having a fab time. we are both dead proud of you both - miss yu loads but glad you are having such a great time x lots a love xx mum & mike xx

  2. Hope Tracey is feeling ok now - what a wonderful experience you are having in spite of the hardships