Monday, 17 January 2011

Final Destination

South Goa

To get to the place in south Goa -Agonda- we wanted to go next would have taken 4 buses and a taxi and taken all day, we have become far to lazy for all that messing around, so instead we paid the extra and got a taxi all the way.  A little expensive but took less than 3 hours. So by midday we arrived at Agonda and its better than we expected, really quiet and peaceful, hardly anyone on the beach, just a few little huts along the beach to stay in. After checking out a few huts we finally found a basic shed with a shared toilet and shower for a reasonable price. To be honest we both love our little beach hut and although we aren't directly on the beach it's less than 30 seconds away.

We have just been spending our days chilling on the beach and relaxing, it's hard work! Chris met a guy on the beach who was from St Helens and got talking to him about fishing and the guy gave him a rod and reel and some hooks etc, he was proper made up. He was also invited to go fishing on a local guy's boat for a few hours but didn't catch anything.

We bumped into a guy called Tim that we had met in Mumbai whilst on the film set, he was also an extra and was spending the next 3 months in Agonda whilst his girlfriend trained to become a yoga teacher. He was happy to have a drinking buddy. We have also visited a few other beaches in the area, Palolim beach was busy and a bit like Spain, Patnem beach was quiet and nice and on our last few days we found a beach that was about a ten minute scooter ride from Agonda. This beach was probably the best one we have visited, Cola beach was small, quiet and to top it off had a small fresh water lagoon just set back from the sea.

Apart from lazing on the beaches and eating loads of good food we haven't really done anything else, and with only a few days to go we are both looking forward to getting on the move again.

We have changed our travel plans yet again and now plan to spend a few more nights here and then head directly to Kerala to have a few last weeks in India before leaving for Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore. Well even before I had time to post this blog our travel arrangements have changed yet again!! We have now decided to leave India behind and make a move for Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is our first stop and neither of us have got a clue about the place, except it's meant to be good, or so we've heard. We have managed to find a cheapish flight from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur and have booked a connecting bus from Agonda to Bangalore. The bus should take about 12 hours giving us a few hours to explore Bangalore before arriving at the Airport.

India is a great place to visit, it's hot, dirty and everyone is trying to rip you off. However we have seen some crazy amazing things and have loved some of the places we have visited but having met so many other people who say that the rest of south east Asia is so much better we have decided that it's time to leave India behind, look out Malaysia.