Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas in Goa


There's not alot to write about as all we've done is eat and sleep and sunbath, its been amazing but we've both become super lazy.  We have got a scooter though which means we can go explore other beaches and town's and have also been to Anjuna market which is crazy, hundreds of little market stalls selling just about everything, we bought some spices which we plan to do some cooking with. 

A couple of miles down the road is Vagator beach which is much quieter than our beach and we found a good spot to make a fire to cook on. Chris was looking forward to trying out some recipies we learnt in the cooking class in Udaipur and he made us tomatoe and potatoe curry a few times before moving on to something more adventurous, the other day we found a fish market so we had tuna steaks, rice and prawn vindaloo, and it was well nice.   Indian people seem to find it strange seeing white people on the beach so two whiteys cooking a curry on the beach brought quite a crowd. 

Christmas was dead strange being away from home and we decided that even if we found somewhere to get a roast dinner it would probably be dissapointing so we opted for something totaly different and after spending the day on the beach we had lobster for tea.  It was expensive but well worth it.  After our dinner we set off on a bar crawl along the beach. After a few, lazyness had taken hold again, so it was bed time. The days here in Goa just seem to melt away and we have only got 4 days left here before we head to South Goa for some quieter unspoiled beaches, lifes hard. Hope everyone back home had a really good Christmas and an even better New Year, miss you all xx


  1. All that eating and drinking sounds like home at Christmas - oh, except for the beach, the heat, sunshine, views, excitement of being in Goa instead of back home, etc etc!! Enjoy xx

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