Saturday, 4 December 2010

Moving On


We arrived in Pushkar in the afternoon and met a lad who gave us a card for a cheap hotel with a pool, sounded good so we checked in only to find the pool was more like a garden pond full of green crap.  It was cheap though so we stayed a couple of nights. 

First day we walked up to a hill top temple with good views of the small city, carrying a stick with us as protection from those evil monkeys - they're everywhere.  We spent the afternoon sitting in the sun then waliked into town to find food, Pushkar is strickly vegeterian and alcohol is illegal but we found somewhere we could get a beer and a pretty good veggie lasagne. As it is wedding season there are parades every 20 minutes or so walking around the streets playing drums, trumpets and some kind of organ, all played together completly out of tune, and the noise goes on well into the night. It sounds a bit like really bad jazz played by deaf people.
Next day we set off to walk around the lake where we were approached by a "priest" the kind we have read about in the guide book, so as he started forcing flowers into our hands and insisting on us putting them in the lake to bless our families we knew he was just after money, we politely refused but he got angry shouting and pointing I thought Chris was going to throw him in the lake but we managed to get away from him - Holy man my ass-.
We decided that we would have a night in own original guest house we had intended to stay at whilst in Pushkar, the Pink Floyd Cafe & Hotel. It had a great location and a really nice rooftop garden, so we spent our last day just chilling out up there, in the sun. Pushkar is only small and you can walk from one side to the other in less than 10 mins. There is yet again some good shopping and Chris decided to buy some black pants for when he gets to the beach, Rs200 bargain, just under £3.

We were leaving for Udaipur at 9pm on a bus but from Ajmer bus station, about 30 mins away, so we had been told to meet at 7pm to start the next leg of our journey. This was to be our first night bus journey so we wern't sure what to expect but it was ok and we made it to Udaipur knackered none the less at 4:30am. It's a bit strange arriving in the middle of the night you just have to trust the locals on the bus, we could have been absolutely anywhere, but I think it was Udaipur. We managed to find a place to check into for our first night, with the help of our rickshaw driver- a little more than we wanted to pay (Rs400) but have dedcided to check out a few more cheapies for our remaining time here. I can't really say anything about Udaipur yet as I haven't left my room yet so I think I'll go and check it out and report back soon. Hope your all well? x


Yep definately Udaipur I reconise that lake palace from Octopussy, oh and the fact that every hotel here shows that film every night at 8pm. Every night? well we have decided that our hotel is too nice to leave and are just going to stay here for a few nights before leaving to Mt Abu (check this page out - ) on Monday. We haven't really explored Udaipur yet and are saving it till we get back here on the 9th Dec. We're going to leave some gear here in the hotel and travel light for a few days whilst off trekking. We have arranged some Indian cooking lessons (I can't wait, to eat what I make.) for our return and plan to visit the City Palace and hire a boat to check the lake out. Don't have any pics yet really but don't worry I will have some soon. I'll be back.

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