Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Chiang Rai

On our first day in Chiang Rai we walked to the Hill tribe museum which was only small but quite
interesting, we watched a short film about some of the Hill tribes and found out that basically
the Hill tribes you can visit on tours are staged kind of like human zoos, so glad we didn't go to
one.  Later after tea we found a well cool little reggae bar called The Peace House so we had a
few beers in there and watched some live music.

The next day we got a scooter and went out for the day to see The White Temple, we have seen
enough temples to last a life time so wasn't expecting much but when we got there we were both
shocked.  It was amazing.  A Thai artist designed the whole thing, and the paintings that cover
the inside are just as spectacular as the building itself.  After our visit to the temple we went
to a nearby waterfall.  It was a bit of a hike to the top but was worth it.  That evening we went
to the night market for tea, its a pretty good market with hundreds of stalls selling just about
everything imaginable including every kind of food. Chris ate a baby BBQ squid-gross.  We got some pretty good pork and rice and a bag of donuts to go.

We both really like Chiang Rai but we had done everything there was to do so the following day we left for Chiang Khong to cross the border into Laos.

mmmmmhhh anyone for baby cow?

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  1. just checking out your blog - that pic of the temple is amazing