Saturday, 19 February 2011



We finally arrived in Bangkok a lot later than expected and decided to walk until we found some where to sleep.  This also took alot longer than expected as Bangkok does not have much accommodation outside of the main tourist area, so after 1 1/2 walking with our heavy bags we made it to Khao San Road- the busy part- dropped our stuff in the first hotel we found and went out to explore.  Khao San Road is a crazy busy road full of street vendors, market stalls, bars with live music and tuk tuk drivers all trying to take you to the ping-pong show.  We only spent one night in this tiny hotel room with no windows then spent the next morning looking for a better value for money place. 

After moving to a cheap and cheerful guest house we spent the rest of the day on a tour of the city in a tuk tuk, visiting mostly temples until the driver insisted on taking us to the tourist information office (he was obviously getting commission) the package trip they offered us to Kanchanaburi was actually pretty good so we booked it, our first organised tour. Which will include all the things we wanted to do anyway plus a few more. 

The next day we walked through the park and found a free bike rental hut, we needed to get back to the train station to book our next tickets and thought this would be the best way to get there, we did make it there alive but only just! There are bike lanes but they are usually covered with street stalls oh and red lights don't always seem to mean stop.  We also got laughed at a fair bit by locals and can only imagine its because they wouldn't dare try to cycle around Bangkok city.

We spent the rest of our time in Bangkok eating, drinking, sleeping in and buying cheap clothes for the markets and after 2 more nights we were up super early to start our organised tour to Kanchanaburi.  We were on the bus by 6.45 am after getting totally soaked waiting to be picked up.  We have had mostly good weather but in has rained at least once every where we've been which apparently never happens in Thailand this time of year but it seems to be following us.

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