Wednesday, 17 November 2010



We are still in Darjeeling, not only because its amazing but also because we made a bit of a cock up when booking our next train - should have been for the 15th but actually booked it for the 19th?? It's so busy in and out of NJP station that there's no other options so we have decided to stick it out and make the most of the peace and quiet, it's not a bad place to spend a few extra days and have decided to go on a treck in the surrounding mountains. I'm really looking forward to it but Tracey is a bit aprehensive as she feels a bit worried about the climb, she'll be fine.

Other things that have happened in the past few days are we've been on the mountain railway Joyride - was good. Been indulging on Tea and cakes and eating well in a place called Glenary's, the chicken rashmi kebab is the best thing I have ever eaten - well better than the one nick recomended in the Bihrai.

Oh and we went to the Mountain Zoo and the Himalayan Mountain Museum, was pritty good too, but there's another story to tell you about our walk to the zoo.


Monkey Attack - 8-11-10

As we were walking to the zoo down a path (like a proper road with loads of people there) we noticed loads of little monkeys in the surrounding trees and crossing from one side of the path to the other. Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity I started takeing a picture of this cute little baby monkey, I managed to capture my first shot and was preparing to take another when all of a sudden a large parent monkey mounted my back and and thought he'd have a munch on me. Well needless to say I completely shit myself and legged it, I was lucky I had a thick jumper on otherwise I think it would have taken a fair sized piece out of my back. He managed to cause quite a blood blister and broke my skin but I wasn't worried as I'd previously had a Tetnus and a course of Rabies Vaccinations before leaving home.

Well I managed to get my colour back and continued on our way to the zoo - had a good day, red pandas are so cute and the wolves look mean. We made it back to our Digs later that night and I told the Manager about the attack - to which he told me a story about a women who had been biten by a dog a few month priviously - she did nothing and eventually turned mad and started acting like a dog - later she died. Now feeling a bit worried I immediatly phoned my doctor and found out that i would have to go to the hospital to get some more Rabies Jabs, 5 in all and some anti-biotics, oh and another Tetnus Jab. I can hve the first 3 in Darjeeling but the other 2 nurse Tracey will have to do, she's going to be tought how to jab me... Well my moral of this story is monkeys are evil rabies ridden creatures that should never be approached no matter how cute they look..woof woof.

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